Zachary Zimmerman

Research and Policy Manager

Zachary Zimmerman is the Research and Policy Manager for Grid Strategies. His work includes drafting FERC comments, assisting Western energy advocates working on Western RTO development, helping to administer the Future Power Markets Forum, and researching and editing reports on transmission, energy technologies, and policy. Additionally, he supports WATT Coalition, including commenting on FERC dockets and engaging with outside groups, policymakers, and legislators. Zachary previously worked as a Committee Legislative Assistant for the Minnesota House Energy and Climate Committee. He has a Master of Public Policy from UC Berkeley. His thesis used publicly available data to create future planning scenarios to demonstrate planning best practices in the non-RTO west. His thesis was submitted as a comment to FERC in its transmission planning NOPR by Renewable Northwest. Zachary graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from Goshen College.